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EP13 – Unlucky for some, listeners

We’ve made it to the 13th podcast. Unlucky for some maybe? This week we talk about all the things that go bump in the night. Would you take a shortcut through a graveyard on a dark and stormy night?

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EP12 – I WILL Survive!

Well we have a new government and Prendy’s back from holiday, so what better way to get back on it then discussing Bear Grylls The Island in great depth. Oh and Robocop’s hand comes in for some close examination too!

EP9 – Blending In

Time to tackle the BIG questions confronting our continued existence on the planet. Exactly how would we tackle over population? Was Thomas Robert Malthus right? Or do we need to take a more proactive approach?   Links to Honest Trailers – Interstellar Sunshine Trailer

EP8 – Dude Looks Like A Lady

In our quest to push the boundaries of podcasting, this week we strap ourselves in and view things from the female perspective. There are lady listeners out there and we are nothing if not willing to cater for all. So sit back and slap on a wig as we discuss what guys look for in a woman and which one …

EP7 – Big Trouble In Little Children

This week there are squabbles over who gets to go first and we touch on various subjects from stressful days at work to who thought it was a good idea for Sloth to go and live with Chunk.

EP6 – Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys

Craig’s back from a family ski trip and we have an update on the ongoing drone saga from Pete. While Prendy tries to cope with the debilitating illness of having a plastic sex sheep pushed into his face.

EP5 – FAME! I wanna live forever!

“mind numbing stuff” @ lovebug8ccc This week we answer our first ever question from our growing fan base, questionable teachers and rugby stories. Plus the ultimate faceoff – Ray vs Bear! TOPIC COUNT – 47 including… #Manflu #pregnancy #Afghanistan #Syria #IndianaJones #Trigore #SallyFields #ChickenSoup #Buritos #Multitasking #FemaleListeners #RugbyStories #SchoolRugby #QuestionableTeachers #GerbilPlague #RespectforPolice #Kidsthesedays #MeritBadges #Scouts #beargrylls #RayMears #AndyMcnab #JamieOliver #SundayBrunch …